I’ll Carry You Home

Posted at 4:20 pm on Monday, June 22, 2009

So, apparently I can only blog on special occasions. 

Today marks 2 years since AJ was placed in my arms and we could call him forever ours.

Happy Anniversary, AJ! A lot of my memories of that trip have faded, but I may not ever forget when they strapped you to me in the Ergo and we walked out the door and down the street. Before we reached our hotel, you were sound asleep, and that was probably one of the best moments of my life. Finally, my son was in my arms and always would be.


A lot has happened in two years, mostly because you will not stop (or even slow down) with the growing and the learning and the changing. You’re already turning into a little boy, and though I miss my baby, I cant wait to see what you’ll become. Last night you counted backwards from 10, and I didnt even know you could do that! I was very impressed. (I guess I have Yo Gabba Gabba! to thank for that). You’ve definitely found your independence and want to do everything by yourself (unless its something *I* want you to do, like poop on the dang potty!) You STILL love to drum, and get better by the day. I’m both excited and nervous at the possibility of you being a drummer for life. 🙂 Yesterday we took you to the pool (first time this year) and you were SO excited. There’s nothing better in life than your sweet smile and laugh. Well, maybe your hugs. Yes, your hugs make my world feel right.

Birthday, I Can Remember Your Birthday

Posted at 11:59 pm on Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear AJ,

You are two years old today! I havent blogged much lately, but I couldnt let the day pass me by without an update.
In some ways, its hard to believe my baby boy is already 2. In other ways, you have changed and matured so much over the last year, I’m surprised you’re not 3 or 4 years old. 
You had your check up at the doctor’s yesterday. You weigh 29 pounds and are 33 inches tall. You’ve definitely slowed down on the growing, compared to your first year. I can only attribute it to the fact that you are non stop, all day long. You have a pretty hearty appetite, though you’ve definitely become pickier. Right now, you like to eat cereal (rice krispies or kix) with soy milk for breakfast. You’re pretty good with using a spoon, though you must get tyerd from the effort it takes, cause you often drop it and finish it off with your fingers. You went on a month long hiatus from blueberries, but have recently started eating them again. You also like grapes and applesauce. You refuse vegetables of any variety, even if they’re disguised. You love pasta, turkey and fried shrimp.
You sleep in a big boy bed now, and have started sleeping through the night regularly. Its not my preference, but you usually wake up between 5 and 5:30am. I’m not complaining, though. I’ll take that over four wake ups during the night any time.
 You can say more words than I have time to list, and even more that we cant seem to understand. 
The most unique thing about you is your love for the Blue Man Group. You have their rock concert dvd and watch it everyday. You love to drum along with them and have memorized most of the show. You know when to drum, and can follow their beat in many places. You love to sing along, follow their commands, and jump. Its pretty cute to watch, and if I can figure out iMovie before you’re 18, I’ll add a clip to this post.
Other than rocking out, you enjoy puzzles, being chased and tickled, and coloring.
You are kind and loving and quick to smile and laugh. Your sweetness makes my heart melt regularly. I am so proud to be your mommy.

Happy Birthday, AJ! I love you!!

Oh, Where Is My Hairbrush?

Posted at 9:48 am on Thursday, July 3, 2008

AJ had his first official hair cut yesterday. We’ve done an okay job keeping his bangs trim, but it was time for an all over cut and shape. I was extremely nervous about taking him, and his screaming and crying the whole way there didnt help any (not because he was going to get a hair cut, its just what he does on the way home from school most days, I try not to take it personally).
But, he did amazingly well. The whole new environment thing can go either way; but, thankfully, we got there early and he had time to play and get comfortable. By the time they called his name, he was ready to take his seat in the airplane and watch some Dora (thank God for Dora!). His stylist let him “help” her with his own comb and she went to town. A few snips in and I was in awe “You are amazing…” I told her.
Near the end, when she was trimming around his ears, he got a little fussy. But I broke out the snacks and kept him occupied while she cleaned him up. Success!

AJ's First Hair Cut

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Posted at 2:07 pm on Friday, June 27, 2008

In case I had forgotten, the Social Security Office in Durham quickly reminded me that adoption related paperwork is The Suck. Why why why cant it be easier? Why why why cant these fancy important places get their act together and properly display their requirements in convenient places (like their website). Is it really that much to ask?

So, I decided to visit the Social Security office to obtain a social security number for AJ. Now that his adoption is finalized and we’ve received his Certificate of a Foreign Birth from NC, an SSN was next on the list. (I’m not sure how it got to be next on the list, my guess is I gathered the list based on what my agency told me was the order of events).
I got there 20 minutes before the office opened because I had heard that no matter where you are in the US, there’s a line. Indeed there was. At least 15 people were waiting before me, and by the time the doors opened, that had doubled. Who knew it was such a popular place?
I took a number, sat down and waited. Number 11. It didn’t take that long for me to be called and I was pleased. Which would mark the last time I smiled that morning (except for the fake ones I gave while trying to keep my cool).
First off, the woman that called my number NEVER looked me in the eye. She took my paperwork and then proceeded to talk to her coworkers, answer a phone call, go get a cup of coffee, talk some more. She never acknowledged me or anything. I began to think I was invisible. Finally, she started typing away at her computer while referencing my paperwork. And three times she asked if I already had a social security number. And three times I said “Well, I do, but this is for my son.” On the third time, I add, “He’s adopted.” And then it all went seriously downhill from there. “Oh, this is an adoption case?” She did a little more typing. “Does he have health insurance?” “Um, yes?” I was really confused, because in all the stuff I read on their website, it never mentioned the necessity for health insurance. But then she let out a sigh, got up and went over to a coworker with my documents in hand. That went on for awhile, with the woman often saying “This is the worst day ever.” Yeah, thanks, not going so well for me either.
After several attempts (by both women) to enter the documents I had provided (The social security card application, the Certificate of Foreign Birth (which is supposed to be the equivalent of a birth certificate) (proof of age) and the Adoption Decree (proof of identity)) they determined that the computer was also requiring proof of citizenship, which I did not have. I did not have it because I was under the impression that a SSN was required to file for a Certificate of Citizenship (and also because their website NEVER mentions it).
They scoffed and told me to go get him a passport and come back. I was SURE, having just obtained our passports last year that an SSN was required to get a passport. I confirmed that when I got back to my office. However, the application for Certificate of Citizenship doesn’t require it, so now I’ll have to file that. I was putting it off, cause it costs $420 and requires a BUTTLOAD of paperwork. And though I was fine with paperwork a year ago, when every piece meant me getting closer to my son; now that he’s here, I’m not a fan. Boo.

Getting To Know All About You

Posted at 9:21 am on Friday, June 20, 2008

One year ago today, I met my son, face to face, for the first time. See:

Mom and AJ

Look at my little baby boy!
I’m glad I blogged and took pictures, cause I hardly remember it (My memory has only gotten worse this year). But, my first statement of that day stands true today “Let me just say, my son is AWESOME!”
This past year has been the most crazy, wild, challenging, happiest, love filled year of my life and its all because of him. People sometimes comment on how lucky AJ is to be a part of our family, but, hands down, I am the lucky one.

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